1. Where are you now?

  2. Where do you want to be?

  3. How will you get from here to there?

Three easy questions!  But is it so easy to agree the answers?  Spartacus Associates can facilitate a process to help you to answer these questions and to validate your answers.

If you want help with the process of getting from A to B, then we will provide that too.  We believe in results!

DIAGNOSTICS - Where are you now?

  • Is your business as successful as it can be?
  • Is your investment (or time or money or other resource) paying off?
  • Why aren't you performing better?

We can help you to understand what is actually happening within your organisation and how you are seen by your customers.

CHOOSING A FUTURE - Where do you want to be? 

  • What is your ambition?
  • Do you know what your future could look like?
  • Where will your organisation be in 10 years time?
  • How can you become a provider and employer of choice in your line of business?

We can help you to imagine a better future - the essential first step towards achieving your dream.  We run Creativity Workshops, carry out Market Analyses and undertake Marketing Research.

MANAGING THE CHANGE PROCESS - How will you get from here to there? 

  • How will you motivate your people to do things differently?
  • How can you ensure that you continue to deliver on a day to day basis whilst you pave the way for a better future?
  • How will you keep up the momentum?

We can help you with

  • Market research
  • Business strategy development and implementation
  • Marketing strategy development and implementation
  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Facilitation
  • Team development
  • Business coaching


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