In all our work and at all times, whether coaching an individual or working with an organisation, Spartacus Associates aim to be:

  • Supportive - knowing you can do better
  • Client-centred - putting you at the heart of everything we do or advocate
  • Results-focused - focusing energies on making a real difference
  • Responsive - knowing that your time is precious
  • Trustworthy - keeping confidences sacrosanct

All our consultants bide by the Code of Professional Conduct and Practice of the Institute of Business Consulting and are either Certified Management Consultants or are working to qualify for this status.

Spartacus Associates' shared values mean that we believe in:

  • Providing "light touch consultancy", ensuring our clients remain in control
  • Working with you, alongside you, helping you to make lasting improvements
  • Clear communication, avoiding jargon and checking understanding
  • Being helpful, recognising that your needs and priorities may change from day to day
  • Having fun, trying to help people to enjoy and rise to the challenges of their work
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