Our Business Coaches can help you to survive and prosper - and to enjoy your work even more.

Our approach to coaching is tailored to meet individual needs and will depend upon discussion between you and your potential coach.  To help you know what to expect, the following paragraphs outline an approach commonly followed by Kate Ward.

I normally suggest an initial programme of 6 to 8 sessions with each session lasting about 2 hours.  The coaching sessions will be scheduled to allow time for you to take action and to reflect in between times.  In the first session we will establish ground rules, and agree the programme goals and success measures.  Periodically we will review progress against these measures and agree priorities.

So, what is coaching?

  • The art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another
  • A dialogue which assists the coachee to see new perspectives and achieve greater clarity about their own thoughts, emotions and actions, and about the situations and people around them
  • The focus of coaching is to enhance performance
  • The crux lies in raising awareness in the coachee

What will you do?

  • Set the agenda - choose the topics
  • Keep control over the process
  • Take ownership of any decisions
  • Commit to action

What will your coach do?

  • Listen to you
  • Ask questions
  • Direct your focus towards the future
  • Help you to focus on solutions
  • Hold up a mirror
  • Challenge and suggest alternatives to consider
  • Support you
  • Help to channel your energy into action

In coaching sessions I commonly use the ToGROW model where

To = Topic (the issue that you'd like to explore; the problem you want to solve)

G = Goal (the outcome which you seek)

R = Reality (the full and accurate picture)

O = Options (a brainstormed list of possibles)

W = Will or wrap-up (commitment to action)

With the addition of Review, this is similar to the OSCAR model where

O = Outcome

S = Situation

C = Choices or consequences

A = Actions

R = Review

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