The Client

  • A Primary Care Trust (PCT) with designated lead responsibility for Research Management and Governance (RM&G) in its sector
  • Lacking adequate infrastructure to support research governance obligations as defined by the Department of Health
  • Selected by the DoH as a Pilot Site for RM&G
  • Seeking to become a PCT(RM&G) and to attract recruits through the provision of opportunity for research and development (R&D)

The Challenge

  • To find a solution which would serve the whole sector and be acceptable and beneficial to multiple stakeholders, including academic institutions, NHS trusts, existing networks and other interested parties
  • To design a viable ‘organisation’ and new arrangements which could be introduced with limited resources
  • To establish the PCT as a ‘Demonstration Site’ and model of good practice as one of 7 national pilot RM&G PCTs’ and thence to secure the status of  PCT(RM&G)
  • To meet the obligations of a pilot PCT(RM&G) and accommodate the apparent complexity of the Department of Health’s Evaluation Project
  • To overcome a general lack of familiarity with the R&D process and infrastructure requirements

The Solution
The PCT invited representatives of potential stakeholder organisations to join a Project Steering Group. Our consultant, Kate Ward, has knowledge and understanding of R&D processes and governance issues and filled the role of Project Manager to advise the group. 

We co-ordinated the development of the PCT(RM&G) principally via:

  • Developing appropriate models for understanding the R&D domain and developing a supporting infrastructure
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • Supporting the client in developing the ‘business plan’
  • Adding intellectual rigour throughout the process

To ensure that the selected model could be translated into practice as quickly as possible we next deployed an associate consultant to act as an interim manager to implement the proposed new administrative arrangements.

Benefits at a Glance

  • A sustainable and viable solution developed through collaborative and consultative processes with all stakeholders
  • Increased organisational confidence in delivery capability and thence reduced anxiety levels amongst management and staff
  • Strategic positioning of PCT as host of new arrangements for the whole sector and as one of only 7 pilot sites in England
  • Positioning of this Health Sector as one of leading sectors in England for Primary and Community Care R&D (with implications for staff recruitment and retention)


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