The Client

  • Owner-manager of small healthcare practice
  • Specialist healthcare provider
  • Looking to divest management responsibilities
  • Considering selling the practice
  • Receiving various advice from other sources
  • A reported “lack of discernible leadership and direction”
  • Feeling overwhelmed by demands on their time

The Challenge

  • To help them to get on top of their business, apply and strengthen their management capability, and to develop leadership skills
  • To support them through a critical period of decision-making
  • To assist them to “declutter”, to create greater clarity of purpose and to translate ideas into action
  • To increase the client’s self-confidence and motivation for their business

The Solution

  • An initial package of 6 business coaching sessions, focusing on issues of concern, followed by 2 further sessions focusing on project definition and planning for “next steps”
  • Coaching to support the client in developing and practising management skills, particularly with regard to planning and managing change processes
  • Application of MBTI to increase self-confidence regarding preferred way of working and leading, and to assist in managing staff

Benefits at a Glance

  • Renewed enthusiasm for their management role
  • A timetable and process for the further development of the practice
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Better project management
  • Reduced stress levels


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