The Client

  • A working group of the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry
  • Concerned with Special Care Dental Services (SCDS)
  • Individual members from 6 Primary Care Trusts

The Challenge

  • For SCDS to assert itself as a distinct business
  • To determine how to measure and monitor performance in a way which helps the business whilst providing commissioners with the information they need; i.e. which both measures past performance and helps to drive the business forwards
  • To prepare a proposition for the BASCD national conference
  • To obtain buy-in from BASCD for the team’s proposal

The Solution

Working within a limited budget and tight timescale, we focused our activity around 3 half-day workshops respectively to:

  1. Develop a working vision for SCDS and agree a gold standard and critical processes
  2. Design and develop a scorecard and metrics
  3. Finalise an Illustrative Balanced Scorecard; critique the process; prepare a proposition and presentation for the BASCD meeting

Reported Benefits

  • Recognition of the potential value and applications of The Balanced Scorecard and its intrinsic challenges
  • Recognition of the centrality of ‘strategy’
  • Experience of working together and sharing experience from different regions and different roles in PCTs
  • Time and space to think about the big picture and the future of SCDS
  • Experience of good facilitation and a managed process achieving desired outcome
  • Fun


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