Spartacus Associates consultants are process facilitators.  We can make life easier for you by facilitating the processes by which you gather information, make decisions and gain the support and co-operation of your colleagues.


Understanding the issues

Do you feel you should know what's preventing your team from doing better?  The way things work inside any organisation means that it is difficult for any manager to know exactly what is going on all the time.  This  includes not knowing why some things happen and others don't, why some changes are easy to make and others seem almost impossible to achieve, what people really think and what ideas they have for improvements.

In our experiences an "outsider" finds it much easier to get to the bottom of issues.  For example, by interviewing and meeting with staff we are able to find out how things really work and the reasons why and hence pave the way for improvements.

Deciding what to do

Some of the most difficult decisions to make are where there is no one right answer!  Discussions go round in circles and, even when a decision has been made, people seem slow to act.

We have successfully facilitated the decision-making process for management and project teams.  Our experienced facilitators can help you to explore your options, thrash out the obstacles to progress and build a consensus for action.  The relief on everyone's faces and the renewed enthusiasm at the end of a well-facilitated session makes it all worthwhile!

Getting the best out of your team

Whether you are seeking to engage your staff in helping you to develop your business or needing to build a project team, a dedicated workshop is often a good starting point.  And to get the most out of a workshop you need to be able to observe what's going on and to participate alongside the rest of your team; you need to put any assumptions on one side and be open to new ideas.  So invite somebody else facilitate the process.

Kate Ward is an experienced workshop facilitator.  She believes that the key part of any workshop is the preparation.  She will work with you to develop and hone your objectives and to design a workshop (or sometimes a series of workshops) to deliver your goals.  She will work you hard and guarantee results.  Her facilitation skills mean that not only will your workshop be highly productive but that you might even enjoy it!


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