Spartacus Associates aim to meet fully the expectations of our clients in all aspects of the work we deliver and in the business relationships that we establish.

We seek to achieve this by:

  • Developing and maintaining high standards of competence and capability in our consultants
  • All our consultants bide by the Code of Professional Conduct and Practice of the Institute of Business Consulting and are either Certified Management Consultants or are working to qualify for this status
  • Clear communications at all times
  • Validating in advance the expectations of clients
  • Communicating and discussing with clients any circumstances which may cause expectations to change
  • Adopting a philosophy of Continuous Improvement: this involves seeking client feedback and documenting learning points from each assignment

Where Associates form part of the delivery team, Spartacus Associates appoints a senior consultant as Quality Director to that assignment.  The Quality Director is responsible for the operation of quality assurance procedures and for ensuring that the required standards are achieved.  The client is invited to contact the Quality Director at any time during an assignment to discuss any aspect of our work.


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