A list of our recent assignments serves to illustrate the range of our clients and our expertise and supports our belief that our analytical, facilitation and management skills are relevant to your organisation, whatever your sector and whatever your size.

  • Assisting an NHS Primary Care Trust to design and procure a new type of dental service and subsequently to performance manage the contract
  • Assisting a newly promoted senior manager to plan their organisational strategy for the future development of their department including their personal strategy for managing their team
  • Helping a large government agency to develop and document a stakeholder management strategy
  • Supporting an owner-manager through business coaching to plan and implement the development of a small healthcare practice
  • Co-ordinating the development of a website for a small business aiming to reposition itself in its market
  • Contributing to the continuing professional development of a specialist consultant to assist them in delivering high quality consultancy support to third sector clients
  • The development of a balanced scorecard for Special Care Dental Services
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