For the coaching relationship to be productive it is critical that the coach and coachee are able to get along with each other.  We believe that a coachee should have some say about who is appropriate and acceptable to be their coach.

We are able to call upon appropriately qualified and experienced Associates to present the coachee with a choice of coach.  If we do not believe that the right match can be achieved using Spartacus Associates, we will say so and, if you wish, we will help you to find alternatives.

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Kate Ward is the Director of Spartacus Associates Limited.  She is a Business Coach and a Certified Management Consultant.

Kate focuses on “process” and so can help people to make changes and improve performance to achieve more, whatever the circumstances.  She has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, is an active listener and has an ability to get to the nub of the issue quickly.  She has a particular capacity for strategic thinking and excellent analytical skills; together these help her to maintain a focus on the overarching goals whilst breaking down complex issues into more manageable steps.

Kate is able to build strong empathy and business relationships with people at all levels in an organisation irrespective of their professional and social background.  Her passion for helping others to surpass their own expectations produces impressive results. Kate works with individuals, groups and teams, using coaching, facilitation and consulting techniques as appropriate, to assist clients to overcome perceived hurdles and where necessary to change the ways they work.

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