Our track record

"I would like to say how much I have valued working with you.  I have learnt a great deal, and really appreciate all the work you have put in.  I have also enjoyed it!"

Medical Director, Primary Care Trust

 "Thanks for your hard work, the survey and its output has given us an enormous amount to think about, but a clear set of priorities."

Strategic & Business Management Group, Government Agency

“Your ability to synthesise our contributions is truly amazing, congratulations.”
Clinical Director, Primary Care Trust

“You worked very hard on our behalf and I think it's amazing what was achieved. Thank you.”  Member of Professional Association working group

“We’re absolutely delighted; it was a great session; it went really well and gives us lots to build on.”
Local Government Employers Organisation

“An incredibly complicated project with lots of stakeholders and relationships…… Kate has embraced it.  She has been a very good fit and her academic knowledge has given her the ability to learn the subject very quickly.  She has also been fun to work with.”

Chief Executive, Primary Care Trust


“It was such a good session! Looking forward to working more with you. Thanks a million.”

Director, Development Consultancy

“….we couldn’t have got there without you….”
Managing Director, major Civil Engineering Company

“You’re a wonderful consultant and a great stimulus for me.”

Head of Community Dental Service, Primary Care Trust





A list of our recent assignments serves to illustrate the range of our clients and our expertise and supports our belief that our analytical, facilitation and management skills are relevant to your organisation, whatever your sector and whatever your size.

  • Assisting an NHS Primary Care Trust to design and procure a new type of dental service and subsequently to performance manage the contract
  • Assisting a newly promoted senior manager to plan their organisational strategy for the future development of their department including their personal strategy for managing their team
  • Helping a large government agency to develop and document a stakeholder management strategy
  • Supporting an owner-manager through business coaching to plan and implement the development of a small healthcare practice
  • Co-ordinating the development of a website for a small business aiming to reposition itself in its market
  • Contributing to the continuing professional development of a specialist consultant to assist them in delivering high quality consultancy support to third sector clients
  • The development of a balanced scorecard for Special Care Dental Services

Read about some of our assignments.  Find out about the challenges we have tackled and the benefits we have delivered for our clients in the following areas:

Organisation performance review
Balanced scorecard development
Business coaching
Organisation design
Workforce planning
Procurement of a new dental service



Kate Ward founded Spartacus Associates Limited as a Management Consultancy practice in 1999.  She remains the owner and sole Director.

From 2000 to 2006 Spartacus Associates Limited delivered Management Consultancy exclusively through The Consultancy Company.  This arrangement enabled Spartacus Associates to build up a client list whilst benefiting from being part of a larger consultancy group.    During this time Kate became Director of The Consultancy Company's Public Services Division.  In this role Kate, and thereby Spartacus Associates, had responsibility for Public Services business development and for the recruitment and coaching of other consultants.  Kate also provided support to colleagues in building their own consultancy careers and companies.

In 2002 Spartacus Associates Limited moved from Southampton to its current location in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

In October 2006 we terminated our contract with The Consultancy Company so that Spartacus Associates Limited could deliver consultancy and coaching services directly to clients.

Key dates

The Client

  • A working group of the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry
  • Concerned with Special Care Dental Services (SCDS)
  • Individual members from 6 Primary Care Trusts

The Challenge

  • For SCDS to assert itself as a distinct business
  • To determine how to measure and monitor performance in a way which helps the business whilst providing commissioners with the information they need; i.e. which both measures past performance and helps to drive the business forwards
  • To prepare a proposition for the BASCD national conference
  • To obtain buy-in from BASCD for the team’s proposal

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