We can help you to achieve more!  Spartacus Associates' business coaches and management consultants help individuals and organisations to improve their performance.

We can help you to be more effective and to enjoy your work.  We can help you to make your business strategy work for you by improving internal processes and by helping you to understand and communicate with your external markets.

We are results focused and adopt a pragmatic approach.  Our individual track records in management and coaching make us realistic and not afraid of compromise.

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We work with senior and middle managers and their staff in private, public and third sector organisations, large and small.  We are comfortable working in almost any service sector - from health and education, to professional services and environmental agencies, to construction and engineering.  See our client list.

Our reach is wide because our focus is on process and on good communication neither of which is sector-dependent.

Spartacus Associates particularly enjoys supporting successful women in business and in more than half of our recent assignments we have worked closely with female chief executives and other senior managers.

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Spartacus Associates are all experienced consultants with senior management experience.

Kate Ward is the founder of Spartacus Associates.  She is  particularly renowned for her analytical and communication skills and for "telling it like it is".

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your business with a view to improving performance, contact us now.


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